Business Development

Helping You Grow Your Business

Reaching an optimal level of performance and higher levels of profitability for your business requires access to deep industry knowledge, innovative ideas, and the right partner. Business owners are faced with tough decisions. That’s why we offer you a dedicated consultant and partner for hands-on support through each phase of your business growth.

Creating a business plan allows you to establish a strategy and allocate resources according to your priorities. A defined strategy results in specific objectives and measurable actions for your team. It aligns current staff and helps new employees or advisors get up and running quickly. Our experienced consultants help you develop your plan, monitor progress systematically in Pentameter,® our award-winning* practice management tool, and help you refine and adjust your plan as your practice evolves.

Practice Optimization

Balancing the right technology can transform the day-to-day operations of your practice. Knowing not only how but when to introduce applications and systems to streamline your practice is something our consultants are passionate about. They ensure you and your team are able to efficiently deliver solutions to your clients.

Business Planning

We know that as the CEO of an independent business, you must be equipped to make objective, strategic decisions about the key elements of your practice. Combined with one-on-one support from dedicated business consultants and subject matter experts, our Pentameter tool helps you diagnose and assess the progress of your practice across five critical measures of success. It will help you build a business plan to reach your goals, and implement tools and strategies to make your business more profitable.

Team and Business Acquisitions

Experience is a major advantage when purchasing a practice or recruiting new advisors. Our acquisition program builds on years of experience, drawing on true partnerships and strong plan execution to make each purchase a success. Financing is available for qualified opportunities. As you expand your team, we offer hiring assistance, training, compensation guidance and interview tips. Our consultants look out for your investment in human capital.

Continuity and Succession Planning

Equity management should be at the forefront of every business decision. Managing business equity includes continuity and succession planning. The services and resources we offer ensure your clients and family are protected in the event the unexpected occurs. Plus, we help you realize maximum value at the point of sale or your exit from the business.

DISCLOSURE *Pentameter was recognized as the best Practice Management resource at the 2015 Industry Awards.