Girard’s move to paperless featured in InvestmentNews

Going paperless is a desire for many firms, yet few successfully make the transition that most often results in far greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.  InvestmentNews recently featured Girard Securities and its year-long process to go paperless, using technology provided by industry leader Laserfiche.

“The paperless office is a perennial topic and an elusive goal for businesses in many industries.” the article states. “But for financial advisory firms, those issues have taken on new importance as workflow processes and compliance concerns increase the desire to go paperless.”

Both Claire Maurer, Associate Vice President of Advisor Relations, and John Barragan, President and Chief Operating Officer at Girard are featured in the article. The article states many of the benefits of going paperless, both for firms like Girard and Advisors.

Read the full article here:

Going paperless: Advice industry takes on challenge

In an industry notorious for documents and signatures, firms welcome chance to automate