Elite Team Training: Our Best NEC Yet

Girard Securities wrapped up the 2013 “Elite Team Training” National Education Conference last month after three days of networking, educational sessions and award presentations. Our advisors have told us that this was “the best NEC ever!” Many thanks to the exceptional advisors, sponsors and speakers who participated and helped make it great.

Our conference kicked off a day early this year with the inaugural meeting of the “Ignite” Financial Advisor Study Group led by Girard advisor Mike Owens. Contributing to the spirit of teamwork emphasized by this year’s theme, Mike led advisors through a full day of personal growth and professional development, with advisors exchanging business-building ideas and planning techniques.

The three-day main conference featured key topics such as our new technology initiatives, insight into succession planning, and tips from our Compliance department on how to best serve senior clients. In addition to the breakout sessions, our sponsor fair was bigger and better than ever, with representatives from National Financial, Pershing, and a wide array of product sponsors.

The most memorable moment of this year’s NEC, however, was the keynote speech by Marcus Luttrell, decorated Navy SEAL and bestselling author of “Lone Survivor.” On the final day of the conference, Marcus took the stage to share his powerful story of courage and survival with our family of advisors. His inspiring address was a once-in-a-lifetime experience we won’t soon forget, and each of our advisors left the conference with a signed copy of his memoir.

After this year’s inspiring conference, every member of the Girard team returned to their home office even more motivated to succeed. The camaraderie we experienced at the conference, and the relationships we created and developed, reinforced for all of us that what we can accomplish as a team is endless.