A Legacy of Leadership

In the closing stages of the Carter administration, Richard Woltman felt like it was time to seize the moment. The year was 1975. Inflation was rampant, the stock market was tanking, and securities deregulation was the buzz. It was the wild, wild west.

But that was the year that Dick decided to jump into the industry, co-founding a company that introduced a new broker/dealer model that applied an independent contractor structure to the general securities business. It was an idea whose time had come. After dramatically growing and selling that company, Mr. Woltman and his wife Kaye next acquired and merged Spelman & Co, Inc. and Sentra Securities Corporation.

The strength of any company is its ability to make course corrections and forge new paths. That separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. 

The new organization quickly grew from five employees to over 1,100 registered representatives and 125 employees with $130 million in revenues. In 1998, the brokerage was sold to SunAmerica/AIG while Mr. Woltman remained as a managing executive until December 2001.

At this time, Dick and Kaye’s daughters Susie Woltman and Melisa McGuire launched a new firm with former reps and employees after hearing how they missed the personal approach and sense of loyalty that the Woltmans had fostered over the years. “They wanted to be in place where they were a person, not a commodity,” Dick explains. The new firm was called Girard Securities, but in many ways it was the natural extension of a great legacy formed over many decades.

As CEO, Susie has continued to expand on the legacy of her family by growing the firm significantly in terms of advisors, offices and revenues. She is committed to running the firm in the spirit of those who have blazed trails before her, instilling ethics and values into all of Girard’s dealings.

The strength of any company is its ability to both look backward and forward at the same time. It’s the ability to learn from mistakes, make course corrections, and forge new paths that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. That’s why Girard takes its legacy of success so seriously. Building on the victories of the past, we lift the torch of victory to light the path of tomorrow.